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Yttomp3 is an efficient and reliable Facebook Mp4 Converter that offers its users to download Facebook videos with excellent video quality, including multiple options ranging from Full HD, 1080p, 2K and upto 4K resolutions. With this awesome tool, you can download any video from Facebook, as well as its is also the best Facebook Mp3 Converter convert Facebook videos to mp3 format and you can even extract music from the Facebook videos. The essence of this online Facebook Downloader is that you can use this directly from your browser, with no need to register yourself for an account or no need to install any additional software. It provides a simple and user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily download and enjoy your favorite Facebook videos and transform them into mp3 formats or Facebook mp4 converter with following just a few simple steps. Say goodbye to the limitations of online streaming and embrace the freedom of having your favorite Facebook videos and audio tracks readily available for offline use.

No Registration Required 

Convert Facebook to mp4 without any limitation. It is completely free to use Facebook mp4 converter. No need to sign up or create account for unlimited conversion of online videos to audio formats. 

Free to Use 

The platform is free to use. Convert Facebook videos to mp4, Facebook to mp3, Download YouTube videos online with no limitations and at no cost. 

Fast Conversion

We use high speed encoding servers to convert your favorite videos to Facebook mp4 formats. The Facebook converter takes a couple of seconds and the file to ready to download onto your pc or mobile. 

Best Quality Video

Facebook mp4 converter allows you to download high quality audios with multiple qualities such as 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 320kbps so that there is no compromise on quality when using Facebook mp4. 

Many Formats Supported 

Facebook video download with our website supports many formats. Convert online convert_youtube_to_mp3_yttomp3_ videos to , Mp4, FLV, M4A and many more formats. 

Safe and Secure

You can download Facebook mp4 videos, Facebook mp3 converter audios  with no viruses and malware. 

How to download Facebook Videos


Step 1
Copy the URL of the video

you want to convert

and paste it in the input field.

Step 2:

After pasting the URL,

click on the download button and

wait till it fetches the info from the URL 

Step 3:

You will be given the available

mp3 formats. Click on any format

and downloading will start

Reasons to use Yttomp3.

Do you like listening to music or watching Facebook videos offline? Look no further than Yttomp3 – The best Facebook Mp4 Converter & Facebook Mp3 Converter. With its user-friendly interface, this awesome tool empowers users to convert Facebook videos to Mp3 format and download them directly into their devices without any hassle. The process is quite simple, allowing its users to enjoy their favorite Facebook music offline and whenever and wherever you want. By downloading these Mp3 files, the users can conveniently play them on the devices without requiring any fast Internet connection. Now, you don’t need to worry about slow loading and streaming videos on Facebook and embrace the power of Yttomp3 of enjoying the Facebook videos offline.
Yttomp3.biz provides an innovative and user-friendly interface that offers a wide range of features to maximize your Facebook Video Experience. With the power of Facebook Mp4 Converter powerful downloading capabilities, you can download Facebook videos in multiple high-quality formats, such as Full HD, 1080p, 2K, and even the whopping 4K resolution. You can experience the most clarity and crispness as you can save your favorite videos directly to your device.
But that’s not all. Yttomp3 goes above and beyond by providing you with the ability of Facebook Mp3 Converter. This handy feature allows you to extract the audio from the video of Facebook and save/download it as an mp3 audio with exceptional audio quality. Whether you are looking to enjoy music, podcasts, or any other audio content, this platform has got you covered with everything you need.
Moreover, you can take control of your audio downloads with a wide range of bitrate options. Yttomp3.biz ensures that you receive high-quality mp3 audio files by offering multiple bitrates ranging from 128kbps to top-notch 320kbps. Tailor your audio mp3 downloads to suit your preferences and enjoy crystal-clear sound with every mp3 file you save form Facebook.
Enleash the convenience and versatility of this platform as you can seamlessly download Facebook videos and convert them into mp3 files. Enhance your multimedia experience by having your favorite Facebook content available offline, ready to be enjoyed anytime you want.

How to download Facebook Videos

  1. In order to download a video from Facebook, just follow these simple steps:
  2. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone or visit the website facebook.com
  3. Find the video that you want to download and tap the Share button located at the bottom section of the video.
  4. In the sharing options, choose the copy button.
  5. Now, go to the website, https://www.yttomp3.biz using your preferred web browser.
  6. Once the website has opened, find the input box and paste the copied Facebook link in it.
  7. After pasting the link, press the Download button and wait.
  8. You will be given several multiple formats which you can choose. Press any of them.
  9. Wait for a few seconds while the link is being generated and the downloading will get started into your device. Enjoy!
  10. Follow the above steps, and this should allow you to successfully download the video from Facebook in your desired format.
  11. FAQ

    • Why should you use Yttomp3 Facebook Mp4 Converter?

      Our Facebook Video Downloader is a top-rated solution for downloading High-Quality videos from Facebook. It enables you to download fb videos in various resolutions, including Full HD, 1090p, 2K, and 4K. Additionally, our service allows you to download mp3 files from Facebook without any cost, eliminating the need for you to register an account or install any other supported software.

    • Can I download Live Facebook Videos?

      Yes, you can download Facebook Live videos, but they can only be downloaded once they have finished streaming.

    • How to download Facebook Videos in Android or Iphone?

      It works just like downloading on a computer. The Steps are: go to yttomp3.biz -> Paste the copied Facebook Link -> Click Download -> Choose the quality you want to download. It supports upto 4k resolution.

    • Where are the Facebook videos saved after being downloaded?

      You can find the downloaded/saved Facebook videos by going to the Downloads folder or by checking the downloads history of your browser.

    • Does yttomp3 Facebook Mp3 Converter supports downloading private videos?

      Does yttomp3 Facebook Mp3 Converter supports downloading private videos?

    • Does this platform stores downloaded videos or keep a copy of downloads?

      Yttomp3 does not store videos or maintain the copies of the downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on the respective social media servers. Additionally, this platform does not even keep track or retain the download histories of its users, thus ensuring that complete anonymity while using this tool.